My name is Benjamin Moryson and I’m the author of this blog. I’m living in the mid of Germany, far away from the beautiful sea in the north and the mountains in the south, but there are many interesting spots near me which I can explore. I’ll write about my ultralight backpacking trips, Gear Reviews, MYOG projects, trail food and other interesting stuff.

The blog is a hobby of me and if there would be the chance to expand blogging and traveling I would definitely take the chance to get a bit more independently from other things. If I am not outdoors I’m working as an employee in a big foundry to earn a livelihood.

Since last year I have a new job. I became father and it is a pleasure for me to show my son all the beauty of nature and being outdoors and I hope we can do lots of thinks together in the future.

Feel free and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Flickr and if there is something you want to know, please send me an e-mail.

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Benjamin Moryson
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Mail: benjaminmoryson(at)googlemail(dot).com


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About the Blog

This blog is a private blog without the intention to finance my livelihood. If their is a chance to get free gear for a review I will sign it in the article. Everybody can find my blog hrXXLight.com in the internet and can read the content without any special registration. Do not expect too much, because I also have a normal life and I cannot assure you to release every week a new article, because my kids also want to spend time with their daddy and family time is much more important.


My website is hosted at GoDaddy and my domain is also there. I have a contract with them, but it takes a bit time to find this one in my inbox, because I started this blog a long long time ago.

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A long time ago someone said to me that it is necessary to use GA to get more infos of my visitors. I installed GA, but I have never understand how to configure the program that it works well. So it collects data of the visitors at the moment, but I do not know if this data is important for me or not. When I have the time some day I will deal with GA that it works better.
There is also Cloudflare.com which serves my dns and it also tracks visitors. While I am wearing a long beard, I do not know if there is any secret service like the BND who tracks secretly informations about my blog.

Every blog works better with plugins, so I also installed some for a better performance. On the the one hand there are plugins to share content on Social Media like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. On the other hand there are plugins for a better performance on your tablet or smartphone. There are only a few. I am using a lot more, but there is also a big amount of plugins which I do not use, but I am too lazy to delete them. With most of these plugin providers I have a contract in the depths of my inbox. If you do not want, that these plugin providers collect your IP address on my blog, stay away.

§Contact Form
If you decide to send me an e-mail, I will receive personal data from you. It depends on you if you want that. If not, do not send me an e-mail

Normally I am using Disqus for comments, but my php is to old so it does not work. For the moment there is also the normal comment function running. But this one also collects data from you. I you do not want this, do not comment or send me one via Twitter; Facebook or Instagram.

I have 15 delicious cookies on my blog. If you find one you can taste it, but do not eat all at once, because other visitors are also hungry. The cookies are from companies like Bergfreunde Affiliate, Avantlink, Amazon Affiliate or other networks. They help me to earn some money to finance the running costs of this blog. When you buying something via my partner links I earn a small commission without extra costs for you. If you don’t want to taste these cookies, turn „Do Not Track“ on in your browser or do not read this blog.


Before you send me a warning please think about it twice if it is really necessary to waste your and my lawyers time.
Grabung a beer or two or going outdoors is definitely the better option.

§Last words

I am all about the protection of your and my data. But seriously I have not looked up anyones IP address of someone who visited my website and I do not plan it either, because I am not interested in. The only reason why you visit my website is that you are interested in outdoor stuff, hiking trips etc. Stay away if you do not want that I have your data.


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