Posted on 08 Januar 2018

The year 2017 was not a year without many highlights. OK if I am honest the only of the year was the birth of my son. Managing the daily life with one kid can be sometimes really hard, but two kids was a complete new situation, but it is fantastic to see the kids growing‘ up. The end of the year was really stressful for me especially at work and it almost endet in a burnout. I was apathetic, sometimes I could not think straight and did not realize the needs of my wife and kids, but these three helped me so much in that time that I am very balanced again. This was my short cut of the last year and I do not want to annoy you with my private problems.




My list with ideas for the blog is getting longer and longer and it is time to work some things out.
Since I became dad I have a bigger focus on sustainability, because I want that my children grow up healthy and respect mother earth, because we only have this one beautiful planet and I do not wanna destroy this playground. I wanna show my kids these beautiful places like a glacier in the alps and do not wanna answers questions why all the ice is gone. So it is my goal to show my children a respectful treatment as good as I can, but I am not perfect. Starting with small things can be so easy. Every day millions of people buy a coffee to go in a disposable cup and produce tons of garbage ever. Is it really a problem to bring you own thermo bottle with you? Please ask yourself! These thermo bottles are stylish and keep your coffee longer warm than these disposable cups and you can reduce enormously the waste production.



I am still an ultralight hiker and I love this light stuff which is not sustainable in most cases, but some companies are on a good way to change this. For example Röjk from Sweden is such a advanced and sustainable brand. Their ambition is to be in 2020 100% compostable and natural (but more about this in the next time). In this regard, it is also important in my opinion to use the gear as long as possible and not buying new stuff when an old one is broken or up to date. If it’s broke, fix it!

Another big sticking point last year was the Sympatex Hackathon where we designed the Funktionsjacke 4.0, a 3-layer waterproof jacket made with recycled PET bottles and I am really proud to have of the first jackets here at my home for testing. It was a very informative event where we learned that are other ways to produce good quality gear without harming the environment. Something else that made me think was the lecture of the park ranger on the last day. They told us that every hiker carries gear which covers an area of around 10sqm if you spread it out. Most of this gear is made with plastic and plants could not breathe. If every German would spread his 10sqm of gear, the complete Karwendel mountain would be covered with plastic trash and all plants would die.


Let’s talk about my aim for 2018.
I wanna be sustainable with hrXXLght.com this year. That means I only accept gear for tests which is sustainable, certified and fair produced. No PFC or PTFE in waterproof garments. If there is gear which I really wanna have or need which is not sustainable I would plant a tree to compensate this. For a better overview I will add a list to my blog with everything I got or bought. Of course it would be cool if other blogger would follow this idea. If someone wants to join the competition please use the hashtag #PlantATreeIfYouAreNotSustainable.

Let’s start to fight together against global warning, the plastic in our oceans and all the things that poison our planet.




There are affiliate links in this article to finance the blog. I did not get paid to write this article.I am a signer of the Outdoor Blogger Codex.



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