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Posted on 29 März 2013

At  least I was tagged several times from different blogger in Germany to write some notes about my favorite three items. This could be items I carry every day or favorite gear parts which I like on every trip. A list of everyone who took part at the „Blogstöckchen“ can you find at Axel’s blog.

Meanwhile I found the time to pick out three items which got my favorite ones during lots of longer trips and day trips and I do not wanna miss anyone of them.

ZPacks Multi Pack

Since over a year I’m the happy owner of the ZPacks Multi Pack. This multi pack has a volume of around 3.5 litres and can store lots of things. On longer trips I fix the Multi Pack on the shoulder straps of my pack to have a quick access. Most the time I’m storing my camera and some snacks in it. These are the most important things I need on a longer trip. The Multi Pack is made with Hybrid Cuben Nylon and has a waterproof zipper. The seams are not sealed, but the Multi Pack protects your electronics against short rain showers without any problems. Furthermore when you buy the Multi Pack you get some straps and clips to attach it different ways. I also like to wear the Multi Pack as a shoulder bag. On day trips in summer you can put your windshirt, mobilephone or something else in it. Also my wife used it as handbag. So it has a multiple use in our household this Multi Pack.

(Photo by Anatol Jasiutyn)

Keppeler Knife

When I saw the prototype of this knife on one of our TULFT meetings it was love at first sight. After the meeting I ordered one from Markus. It took some time unil I got it, because Markus is a student and makes these perfect knifes in his free time and has no offical shop. The knife is made with an excellent sharp steel and the handle is made of special wood so it is water resistent and it comes along with a leather sheath. I have used this knife on lots of my trips and is very versatile. You can split small pieces of wood to start a warm fire and you can used it in combination with your firesteel to kindle a spark. The steel is really sharp and robust and I did not need to sharpen it since I use it (this has now been about one year). Ok it is not the cheapest knife and there a lots of other cheaper and lighter knifes on the market like Opinel or Spyderco, but the Keppeler Knife is 100% handmade in Germany and if I can support this I like to do it.

Kupilka Kuksa

The first time I got in touch with the Kupilka Kuksa was at the Outdoorshow in Friedrichshafen in 2010. Since that time the Kupilka 21 is my favorite cup on trips. You can enclose this cup perfectly with your hand  and cannot get cold fingers in winter when you have a warm tea or coffee in it. The cup is also perfect to enjoy a good wine on tour or a dram whisky. On trips the Kupilka Kuksa dangles on my backpack and is still ready to take a drink out of a cold mountain stream. Because it is made with recycled plastic and wood you have to be careful with fire. One of my cups was devoured by the fire.

These are my favorite items. So what about your favorite items. What do you prefer? It is time to tag other blogger to enlarge the „Blogstöckchen“ list.


At first I wanna tag Markus from Ultra Knilch Blog, the creator of my splendid knife, to see his favorite gear items.

As second I’m tagging Marius from Infinite Outdoors. He is also a gear nerd and makes lots of cool MYOG stuff.

Last but not least I tag Joe from Thunder In the Night. We had a great last year on our packrafting trip in Norway and I’m really interested in his favorite items.

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  • nielsenbrown sagt:

    I agree completely on the ZPacks Multi Pack, I use it to carry my camera and other odds and ends. It is a very versatile system which attaches easily to the HMG pack. The Kupilka is my cup of choice in Lapland.

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