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Posted on 24 September 2011

Joe Newton’s last blog entry deals with a great tip of Mike Clelland’s book ‚Ultralight Backpackin‘ Tips‘. This book is so outstanding that I also decided to write some words about one of these great tips. Meanwhile it is getting colder and colder and summer is over. In some areas there are quite frosty nights. You all know the problem when you wake up after a cold night outside. After breakfast you wanna clean your teeth, but is not possible, because the toothpaste is frozen in this small tube and don’t wanna come out. Mike Clelland has the best solution I think in his book. So I decided to make my own toothpaste dots, because they are not available in shops near me.

Here are some pictures of my first approach.

First of all you need some baking paper. On my first attempt I have squirted some short snakes of toothpaste on the baking paper.

To dry the toothpaste you can put the baking paper into your dehydrator. I decided to put it on my oven in the living-room to save power.

Cutting the dry toothpaste into small parts is a bit difficult, because it breaks down into bigger chunks. These chunks are ok and if they are too small I take one more too clean my teeth.

You can store the toothpaste in a small ziploc or in a tube.

Enjoy making your own toothpaste dots for your winter trips.

8 responses to MYOG Toothpaste Dots

  • gauperaa sagt:

    Another very lightweight option to clean your teeth is 1-2 drops of Dr. Bronners :). Don’t try more or your mouth will get very very foamy. You’d have to carry the tiny dropper bottle in your pocket though in winter to keep it from freezing.

  • Anonymous sagt:

    Genius! Absolute genius! I will definitely be using this idea this coming winter.

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