It’s no joke, it’s a raffle

Posted on 01 April 2011

Today is April Fool’s Day. This day is celebrated in the whole world. People play jokes with each other or release funny posts or homepages. I am not a big friend of this day and the jokes which will be played. Most of these are not very funny.
Instead of playing hoaxes or something else, I start a raffle today and boycott the April Fool’s Day. Yes you read correctly. You can win something today. Another reason for the raffle is the first birthday of my blog

Now you will ask you what there is to win.
My good old friend LAUFBURSCHE from Cologne send me one of his Hip Belt Pockets made with the new black Cuben Fiber. The LAUFBURSCHE Hip Belt Pocket has a volume of 1,5l and weighs only 26g.

What you need to do???
Not really much. Just leave comment and you are member of the raffle. It is so easy.

The raffle will finish on Sunday the 17th of April at 12:00 am. With the help of I’ll pick up the winner and contact him for the address. I ship worldwide and shipping is free. Everyone of the world can try his luck.

But that’s not all. The grandfather of UL in Germany Lighthiker also starts an interesting raffle today. There you can win a set LAUFBURSCHE Stuff Sacks (S,M,L) also made with black Cuben Fiber.

Have a look at his blog and try you luck. The Stuff Sacks are fantastic.

This is not everything.

LAUFBURSCHE wants to invite you to the next TULFT in Cologne on May, 1st.
The invitation to this meeting can you find on LAUFBURSCHES BLOG.
This meeting is legendary, although it took place only once. You can have a look at the workshop of LAUFBURSCHE and enjoy the weekend at a beautiful campsite near the river Rhine.

108 responses to It’s no joke, it’s a raffle

  • GraemeA sagt:

    Never won a raffle, but this would be a good time to start…

  • Rince sagt:

    I’m in…

  • Cornelius Jaeger sagt:

    Oh yes, black cuben, win win win 🙂

  • Rudi Rabauke sagt:

    I’m so in!

  • Ben sagt:

    This cuben pocket would shave a nice half ounce from my dyneema pocket that I currently have…

  • Quaq sagt:

    Happy birthday mate. A good year 🙂

  • Frank sagt:

    good product

  • DJS sagt:

    Black cuben, interesting indeed. Happy birthday.

  • Marianne sagt:

    Never won anything, but for a nice cuben fiber hipbelt bag I will take my chances. Happy birthday too.

  • Len the Harmonicaman sagt:

    Nothing beats a beat. Or something else that’s completely unrelated.

  • Happy Blog-Birthday and greetings from Luxembourg 😉

  • Christian sagt:

    Hatte dein Raffle gar nicht mitbekommen, obwohl ich dein Blog abonniert habe. Danke für den Tweet! 🙂 Gruss

  • laemmy sagt:

    Coole Idee! Vielleicht komme ich ja auf diesem Weg zu meinem ersten Laufbursche Produkt?

  • anderl sagt:

    yes, please

  • Matthew sagt:

    Ich könnte die Tasche auch gut gebrauchen 😉

  • Michael sagt:

    Alles gute Nachträglich zum Blog Geburtstag 🙂 Die Tasche würde ich mir auch an den Rucksack hängen 🙂

  • Gerald sagt:

    Coole Idee den 1. April zu boycottieren! Diese tolle Tasche wäre mein Einstieg ins UL Equipment!

  • Thomas sagt:

    Cool, I love LB stuff 🙂

  • Yvonne sagt:

    That their 1st April boycott is a cool thing 🙂 I do it with smooth. I’m several weeks each year in a tent and backpack out on some forests. My important stuff like mobile phone, passport, debit card, etc. Then there are always stored in plastic bags. Does not look nice, but uses. Thus, they are now nice and safe, I would be grateful for a win very much. Also from me, everything afterwards all the best for his birthday. I am 16.4. Birthday and maybe will work out with a win :-).

  • I’m with you on the boycott. Lets win some stuff 🙂

  • Steffen sagt:

    Pretty please.

  • mr jones sagt:

    count me in please

  • Dave sagt:

    I’m in

  • Christoph sagt:

    Well, I have never won something in a raffle…
    Anyway I’m looking forward my first backpack from Laufbursche which he is going to ship in a couple of days! So this would be a nice complement.

  • Martin sagt:

    Oh, it looks nice! Sign me up! 🙂

  • trinni sagt:

    I really need to win this hip belt pocket…!

  • vick sagt:

    I’ll try…

    All the best and thanks for raffle!

  • roli sagt:

    i hope for the best 😉

  • Ron sagt:


  • Konrad Chen sagt:

    I’ve been wanting to see LAUFBURSCHE equipment for a very long time…hopefully this will give me a peek! Thanks!

  • Helen Fisher sagt:

    Wow! It could be the start of a beautiful new friendship!

  • Jens sagt:

    Glück auf! (Würde gut zu meinem LaBu-Pack passen, der hat nämlich nur auf einer Seite eine Hüfttasche… ;-))

  • Mike Roberts sagt:

    I’d love some cuben fiber to go with my new HuckePack! Count me in!-Mike

  • Samuel Kau sagt:

    Hope i win…

  • Tyson Marshall sagt:

    I’m in!

  • PepeLp sagt:

    I’m in. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Philip D. sagt:

    Very nice.

  • kramalc sagt:

    Black cuben – very cool.

  • Curtis B sagt:

    I’ve been thinking about making one like this for a while-winning this will allow me to be far cooler than with the homegrown model!

  • pk sagt:

    yup! +1 !

  • Don Meredith sagt:

    Keep up the great work and add me to the raffle! DM

  • Ryan sagt:


  • Andrew Lichtman sagt:

    this is one of the benefits of a shrinking world

  • ys76 sagt:

    Still waiting for the first Laufbursche gear stuff in my mailbox 😉
    This one would be a perfect start

  • RogerB sagt:

    You can never have too many pockets, and Cuben is my favourite colour : )

  • Aralanes sagt:

    Dabei dabei.


  • Kenneth sagt:

    Great blog Benjamin! You’re beef jerky pictures have convinced me to buy a dehydrator! Cheers, KC

  • Kevin sagt:

    Thanks for this!

  • Angelo R. sagt:

    Thanks for the raffle.

  • Addy sagt:

    Crossing my fingers.

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