An Overnighter with Good Friends and some Gear Reflections

Posted on 29 März 2011


Slowly it’s getting spring, but I still wanna write some words about the overnight with some good friends in front of the TULFWT in Schierke. It was late on Wednesday evening when we met in Torfhaus. We had lots of snow and it was cold and windy. The participants of this trip were LAUFBURSCHE, Knilch, Basti, Pico, Tati, Ronja (the sweet dog) and me. All arrived during this evening and after a few beers some decided to sleep in their tarps and the other half slept in their cars. I was one of those who have slept in the car, because I was too tired to pitch up my tarp in that night.

Starting our journey

A short break near the trail

After a more or less comfortable night in the car I woke up in the morning because Ronja was running around and everyone was woken by her barking. So I decided to get for myself. Other participants had a little bit more problems to get up, but after a while they came. Then we had a very short breakfast before we packed our huckePACKs. Our little journey should lead us to the Brocken. The weather on that day was not really the best. It was very foggy and cold. The wind got more and more strong and we decided to stop at a hut to have another small breakfast. After this refreshment we followed the Goethe Trail to the top of the Brocken. The view was not exactly what I would call perfect. You could hardly see anything. So we decided to have another snack at the Brocken.

Lots of snow and a bad view on the Brocken

Then we had a long discussion about the way to our camp site. One part wanted to walk to a lake. The campsite there is fantastic but is directly near the cross country ski trail, where groomer passing the whole night. Finally we decided to walk to another hut. The way there was round about 9km long and very diverse. It was finally possible to put on our snowshoes we have carried the whole day. Walking through deep powder was another fantastic highlight of this day. In the end we arrivedat  the hut where we wanted to stay for the night.

The traditional train who carries the tourists on the Brocken


After a short search we found a perfect spot in the forest, where we could set up my HMG Echo 1, the two LAUFBURSCHE  tanzPALÄSTE and the new LAUFBURSCHE Lavvu. It was a perfect Cuben City for a stormy and snowy night. Then we went back to the hut. The evening ended with a great dinner and hot drinks before we decided to crawl into the sleeping bags.

LAUFBURSCHE Lavvu by night

The following night was very stormy and not very cold. We had acceptable -2°C. The performance of the LAUFBURSCHE Lavvu was perfect. It defied the weather in every situation. The performance of my HMG Echo 1 was also perfect. It is a great tarp for winter trips. After that night we packed everything very fast to get away from this spot, because rangers and cross country skiers were on the trail. We had a small breakfast with a cup of coffee out of my Kupilka cup and some nuts and bars. The weather on that morning was still bad. It was warmer and started to rain. So we hurried to come quickly to our cars.

My HMG Echo 1 after a stormy night

My new LAUFBURSCHE DXG huckePACK ready for the next day

Hope you enjoyed reading this short article about this overnighter with good friends. Finally some short reflections of special gear parts.

The HMG Echo 1 is my first choice for winter trips. This tarp in combination with the beak is a perfect setup for stormy and windy nights. Unfortunately it is very narrow under it if you pitch it as A-Frame next to the ground. I pitched the tarp to the ground as protection against the heavy wind and snow in the night. But if you have enough snow you can build a pit and set up your tarp over that for more space. Instead of the HMG Inner I used a prototype LAUFBURSCHE bivy. The reason for this was that the bivy offers an additional protection against the weather and he is lighter. I had no problems with condensation or something else. This bivy is perfect. It is made with silnylon and Epic. A fantastic fabric. A detailed review will follow. As sleeping pad I used my TAR NeoAir S in combination with an Artiach Light Plus and 4 segments of a TAR Z-Lite. This is a really warm and light combination for winter trips in our region. My Yeti Fenrir 600 completed the sleeping set up.

For that trip and the winter I got some new interesting new clothing parts. Wanna start with my favorite piece of gear the Montane Fireball Smock. This smock is filled with PrimaloftEco. He is pretty warm and protects you against snow, wind and rain without losing any isolation. The smock is the perfect choice for short breaks when you are sweating and in combination with my Bergaus Furnace down jacket you stay pretty warm.
Another highlight were my new Berghaus Ignite Mitts. Last winter I had big problems with cold and freezing fingers. So I decided to buy this fantastic glove filled with Primaloft. The Ignite Mitts weigh 90g per pair. They are light and very warm. In combination with a thin merino baselayer glove or a thin windproof glove it is the perfect winter set up. A detailed review will follow next winter.

A longer time I was looking for a merino baselayer hoody for winter trips. After checking the market the Aclima WarmWool Hoody was my first choice. This hoody is made with 200g/m² merino wool and is pretty warm. The hood is one of the best I have ever seen. You can use it in three different ways. You can put it behind your neck and wear it like a normal hood. Another option is to wear it like a buff around you neck or you take the third option and the hood works like a balaclava. Finally the Aclima Hoody offers a perfect length for long and cold winter trips. It has also nice thumb loops and a big pocket at the front where you can put your hand in. A review will follow and if cannot wait please have a look at Mark’s excellent review

Last but not least my Icebug Speed BUGrip were my loyal companions during the whole winter and this trip.  They kept my feed warm and the grip on ice is splendid. I would not miss this shoe. In combination with some merino socks they are warm up to -20°C.

I believe that there is not much to say. I got my new LAUFBURSCHE huckePACK in DXG for this trip and you all know that this packs a class of its own. The sewing is excellent and the packs work very well. If you wanna read a review of a LAUFBURSCHE pack have a look at my review of the huckePÄCKchen. A review of my LAUFBURSCHE pack family will also follow during the spring. And if you are interested in a pack, a tarp or maybe the new Lavvu contact LAUFBURSCHE and order one.

6 responses to An Overnighter with Good Friends and some Gear Reflections

  • Sounds like you had a great time. So much cool gear to see in those pictures…droool 🙂

  • quasinitro sagt:


  • hrxxlight sagt:

    @ Thomas
    yes it was a great time, but only too short. the gear was excellent, specially the LAUFBURSCHE Lavvu. Hope I can test it one day.

    It wasn’t to cold. you only need the right gear

  • Korpijaakko sagt:

    Cold is highly relative term. 😉 I haven’t been able to test my sleeping bag system as it has been only -10C at night in Southern Finland. It is way too hot for my sleeping system…

    The Laufburche Lavvu seems like a dream come true! But I think I’d just need the other dream – a jackpot win in the lottery – to come true first to get one. =S

  • Fu sagt:

    Your packs look so small for winter camping.
    Thanks for telling us about those mitts. They seem like a good lightweight option. I wish they were more available in the US.

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