Gear Review: Montane Fireball Smock

Posted on 13 März 2011

253g of warm synthetic isolation in size L. This is according to my wishes and others will like it. It is not the new BPL Cocoon Hoody, but I am talking about the new Montane Fireball Smock.

Since a longer time I am the happy owner of the new Montane Fireball Smock and this pullover is excellent. Finest 40g fill power Primaloft Eco covered in Pertex Quantum. The new Eco isolation is pretty warm and extremely soft. It was my favorite piece gear during autumn and winter and it is still when it’s cold. I have worn it on several day and weekend trips in different conditions. The smock protects you from wind and rain without losing isolation when it is wet. Primaloft is in my opinion the best isolation for wet weather conditions.

The Montane Fireball Smock is simple made, which I really like. It comes along without any pockets or something else and it only has the task of keeping you warm, what it does very well. The cuffs fit perfectly, so that no warm air can escape. Furthermore the smock has some reflective strips which protect you in the dark. The pack size of the smock is not bigger than an apple. A stuff sack for the smock is also included. Another fantastic solution is the two way zipper. You can close the zipper to have a warm neck. The other option is to close the top of the zipper to have a warm neck and open the other side of the zipper to get a better air exchange. Or you open the top for ventilation.

Pertex Quantum outer shell protects you from wind and rain

The two way zipper keeps your neck warm and lets the air circulate.

Finally this smock is the best I ever had. The Berghaus Ignite is also a great jacket, but the Montane Fireball Smock is much better. It is pretty warm in winter, even if it is very cold and you have temperatures of -10°C. I have worn the smock during short breaks on trail when I was sweating and in the evening if it is was even colder in combination with my Berghaus Furnace. Furthermore I have worn the smock together with my LAUFBURSCHE huckePÄCKchen and the loft in the shoulder area is still good. There is no visible wear to recognize, although I have worn it a lot. If you are interested in this smock have a look at

Last but not least a well-intentioned desire. Montane please release this smock with a hood and the matching Primaloft pants. That would be awesome.

6 responses to Gear Review: Montane Fireball Smock

  • Basti sagt:

    Nice review of a great piece of gear?
    +1 for a hood. And yes, pants would be great , too.

  • Alan sagt:

    Nice jacket. Very similar to my TNF Zephyrus. I’m not that bothered about the hood because i carry a hat anyway.
    Pants, well possibly.

    Montane do some excellent gear.

  • Tara sagt:

    Looks nice! It seems a good choice too! Thanks for the review, recently just thinking about the Pata nano pullover too..hmm hmm!
    The cutting design looks more fit than the Pata one..

  • Fu sagt:

    I must admit this doesn’t weigh much more than a regular long-sleeve shirt… But I’m not a fan of smocks. If one is carrying a pack, I think a full front zip and pit zips are very advantageous, even if there is a weight penalty. Better venting options makes it much easier to regulate your temperature quickly and easily. I don’t see the point of this garment for backpackers, but your mileage may vary.

    40g is very thin Primaloft. It won’t keep most people warm at -10 C unless they are really exerting themself.

  • Chad sagt:

    Very nice. This may be a slightly lighter (and smaller) option over my Patagonia R1 Flash Pullover. I typically wear a Capilene 2 long sleeve crew with my R1 layered over it to hike in while a ways into subfreezing temps. This setup works great and I am finding a hard time even thinking about replacing this set-up. Although, when not wearing the R1 the fleece can take up a small chunk of pack space, and weighing in at 12 oz, well it could stand to be lighter…

    What I really like about my set up is how versatile it is though. I can comfortably wear it in a wide temp range. The R1 breathes excellent to keep me cool in warmer weather, while at the same time, the fleece can keep me quite warm in colder weather. As far as features, the R1 is the same as the Fireball, really just a deep front zip.

    How well does the Fireball breathe? Also, is it just a little water resistant, or is the material more so water „proof“?

    Thanks for the review.

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