Impressions of the TULFWT V

Posted on 09 Februar 2011

What a great weekend. Another  TULFT is over and we had a great time at the campsite in Schierke. This was our second winter meeting there. The weather was not the very best, but we tried everything to have a successful meeting. A short group of us has arrived on Wednesday evening in Torfhaus for an overnighter in the snow. Impressions of this trip will follow. Another group arrived one day later the campsite in Schierke and the rest during the Friday.

Gram hunter

It was very foggy and became steadily warmer. The snow on the campsite melted away and everything was green on Sunday. So let’s start with the impressions of our meeting. I will keep it simple, because I am not a friend of big words. Enjoy the photos and contact me if you have special interests.

MYOG tarp in the snow (photo by mrhardstone)

Cuben shelter in the snow (photo by mrhardstone)

Testing the vapor transmission (photo by mrhardstone)

The evening ran very quietly because everybody was dog-tired. But no meeting without these Thuringian sausages. They are fantastic and it is a pleasure to eat them. Thanks quasinitro for the organization.

The weather on Saturday was bad too. It was stormy and misty. Some of us stayed in the camp and made a trip on the Brocken in the afternoon. The rest of our group tried to find a lake that was not frozen because we wanted to test Q’s Alpacka Packraft.

Inflating the Alpacka Packraft Yukon Yak

Testing the boat

Me in the packraft. I have fallen in love with these splendid boats

Spikes or barefoot? What would you prefer?

Ronja (Border Collie) enjoyed the day at the lake and our short trip after testing the boat

After this fantastic day at the lake we reached the campsite and LAUFBURSCHE has presented us his new prototype of a Cuben Lavvu

The evening ended with interesting conversations about gear and other interesting stuff. The Klymit Inertia X Frame was one object of this geartalk

Navin GPS logger with a weight of 42g

The annual stove test

86g trekking pole

This man was our surprise guest on Saturday. He would not come to the meeting, because he hates snow (I cannot believe it). But it became warmer and he decided to visit us. Thanks for your presence and thanks to all others for coming.

See you at the next TULFT.

7 responses to Impressions of the TULFWT V

  • quasinitro sagt:

    Just one Evening,one Night,one Morning,but it’s perfekt.
    I Enjoyed the Time!


  • Pico sagt:

    Very good article from a very good TUL-Meeting!

    Nice pictures of nice folks!

    Thanks to all!

  • RogerB sagt:

    That macpac microlight (other brands also) in Cuben looks very interesting, home made or????

  • hrxxlight sagt:

    @ RogerB
    don’t know which pack you mean. there’s no photo with a pack

  • Thomas sagt:

    Seems like a great meeting! I would’ve been there for sure if I was living in Germany 🙂

  • hrxxlight sagt:


    you’re welcome. the next meeting is on May,1st with a special day at LAUFBURSCHES workshop.
    and if you are interested in a trip in Germany, let me know it

  • […] is some month old and an article worth. My first contact with the LAUFBURSCHE Lavvu I had on the TUL Winter Meeting in Schierke and our overnighter before the meeting and I can say that this great piece of gear is […]

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