Coffee in the snow

Posted on 15 Dezember 2010

The weather was perfect on last Friday. We have received over 40cm snow in the last days and the conditions were perfect for a walk through the snow with my dog. My LAUFBURSCHE huckePÄCKchen was quickly packed with the most important things for such a day trip. My dog could not wait to start. After I had put on my Icebug Speed BUGrip winter boots we start. Everything was powdered in beautiful snow and it was really cold outside. The road passed through untouched virgin snow and only some deer tracks were visible.

Walking through deep powder is very exhausting, because I have no snowshoes and I did not want to use my cross country skies.  But that must change. My dog has had it much easier. He has run the whole time behind me and followed my trail. That was an easy trips for him.

After two hours of walking I decided to make a break. I have had my new cooking system me which I wanted to test on trail. It is a kettle system made by mkettle in UK.  At first I have started to collect some dry wood for starting a small fire in the base of the kettle. This kettle is awesome und works fantastic. A review of the kettle will follow in the next time. The water was boiling after some minutes and I could drink a hot Starbucks Christmas Blend out of my Kupilka 21 cup. Many thanks to Phil Turner who send me a package with some Starbucks blends. I have really enjoyed this cup of coffee outside in this beautiful environment.

My Kupilka 21 is still on my site and now my favorite cup.

My dog was tired after a long walk and playing in the snow.

The huckePÄCKchen by LAUFBURSCHE is still my favorite for day trips and short weekend trips. It has a plenty of space and fits perfect.

My new Montane Fireball Smock has kept me warm the whole trip. Sometimes to warm. The new EcoLoft is awesome. A detailed review of this light smock will follow in the next weeks. So stay tuned.

4 responses to Coffee in the snow

  • R MacE sagt:

    This is the 1st time I’ve seen the mKettle in use, I only found out about it last night in fact and now it appears again 🙂

    It looks interesting and quite light/compact, I’ve seen a Ghillie Kettle in action and was surprised by how fast this type of system works.

    Look forward to the review.

    Best Regards, Richard

  • Maz sagt:

    Fantastic little trip – you’ve got a lovely dog, and coffee in the snow sounds rather pleasant. I’m not a coffee fan, but I can envisage a steaming, soothing hot chocolate instead.

    I like the Fireball Smock. I had a look at one before Montane sent me the Prism 2.0 to test. I think it’s rather too similar to the Nano Puff so I didn’t really need it but I think I’d have gone for the Fireball if I did not already have the Nano Puff. The Prism is superb but I did wonder how it would cope with the sub-zero temperatures we’re getting in western Europe now. I’m off to Denmark for Christmas, flights permitting, and the Prism and Nano Puff are coming with me for some testing in really low temperatures.

    Have a nice Christmas and may the snow continue to bless us!!

  • hrxxlight sagt:

    @R MACE

    the mKettle is fantastic and works excellent. Only the weight is a bit too much, but I try to lighten up the kettle :).
    I’ll write a review between Xmas and New Year.


    thanks for the compliment. my dog likes the snow so much and he likes such trips. Hot chocolate is also a good choice. I prefer the chocolate on trips before I go to bed.

    The prism 2.0 is a fantastic jacket too. I had a closer look at the outdoor show, but the weight of the fireball smock is splendid. I only miss a hood.
    Enjoy your holidays and have a nice Christmas too

  • | hrXXLight sagt:

    […] piece gear during autumn and winter and it is still when it’s cold. I have worn it on several day and weekend trips in different conditions. The smock protects you from wind and rain without losing […]

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