Gear Review: Terra Nova Moonlite Bivy

Posted on 08 November 2010

If you go hiking with a tarp or a shelter system like the HMG Echo 1 it is useful to use a bivy to protect your bag against dirt and moisture. Another important point is that the bivy is breathableso that no condensation occurs.
I use a bivy bag already since longer time to protect my quilt, but know it was time to buy a new one because I lost my old great bivy. After a long time of reading test reviews on several blogs I have decided to take the Moonlite Bivy from Terra Nova.

The Terra Nova Moonlite Bivy is a very light, compact, waterproof and breathable bivy made with coated nylon. All seams are taped which makes him ideal for using with a tarp. It is also possible to use the Moonlite Bivy emergency bivy.

The bivy has a really big hood with a drawstring face closure that you get a complete protection.

Furthermore the bivy has a length of 200cm, a width of 76cm at the top and 55cm at the bottom and my scale shows a weight of 182 for the bivy and 12g for the stuff sack.

Now after these dry facts I come to the interesting points, my experiences.
In the last time I had the chance to use the Terra Nova Moonlite Bivy on several nights and different conditions. I had splendid warm nights and nights with storm, rain and snow. The bivy has always kept me dry and protected my quilt excellent. Condensation was not a problem. The drawstring face closure was easy to handle. But there were some other small problems. When I use a bivy I want to protect my complete sleeping gear, but the Moonlite Bivy tapers to the foot area so much that my short TAR NeoAir does not fit in. It is only possible to put the sleeping bag into the bivy. If you have broad shoulders you really can get problems with the bivy. The freedom of movement is limited. Another problem could be a big winter sleeping bag with a high loft because it could be that the bivy compresses the sleeping bag a little bit and the insulation falls. Nevertheless I would wish that the bivy gets a short zipper, so that the entrance is made easier.

But finally the Terra Nova Moonlite Bivy is and will be a good bivy. It works perfect and is one of the lightest on the market. I’m only too big for this one, but my experiences should not prevent you from the purchase.

If you still interested in the bivy you can find it at the Trekking Lite Store in Germany.

7 responses to Gear Review: Terra Nova Moonlite Bivy

  • Timo sagt:

    is the bottom of bivy same material as upper?

  • hrxxlight sagt:

    he timo
    the complete bivy is made with the same material

  • Desert Dog sagt:

    I love the weight and size, but I’d have to have a zipper! As much as I move in the night, I’d get twisted around and never find the face hole.

  • hrxxlight sagt:

    @Desert Dog

    I have the same problem. I also move to during the whole night and the face hole is under me or beside me.
    You could unravel the seams and sew in a short zipper.
    But that would affect the weight.

  • Jake sagt:

    Hi, thanks for the review.

    How big are you? I’m thinking about this for a spring/summer trip to Spain but I’m worried it won’t be big enough. I’m 6’2″ish and have pretty broad shoulders. What do you reckon?

  • hrxxlight sagt:

    he Jake,

    I’m 180cm and have also broad shoulders. For summer hiking it could be ok, but there is not really much place to move

  • […] here, and Mountain Equipment’s Ultralite Bivy also weighs just 108g. Terra Nova even adds breathability to the deal. Alternatively, many in the UK find bothy bags more versatile.Gear: Bivi bags, Bothy […]

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