Gear Review: LAUFBURSCHE huckePÄCKchen

Posted on 30 November 2010

Since the beginning of the year I’m the happy owner of a LAUFBURSCHE huckePACK of the 1st generation. At that time I have chosen a huckePACK with a big volume because I did not know how far I can reduce my gear. After some trips I noticed that I reduced the weight and the pack size of my gear more and more and my pack gets bigger and bigger. There is a lot of free unused space available. The pack is only full loaded on longer with much food and clothing. But this is ok for me. My LAUFBURSCHE huckePACK is now my first choice for winter trips.

But what could I do on short weekend trips where I carry less gear and food with me. I needed a new pack. But which PACK could I buy. At that time I was so satisfied with my huckePACK and there was nothing smaller like that on the market. But then Mateusz had an excellent solution. At the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen he showed me the first prototype of the huckePÄCKchen. Yeah that is the pack for short weekend trips I thought, but these silnylon prototype was not necessarily the way I imagine. At the TULFT IV the pack accepted forms. The new prototype was not complete made with silnylon, the main body was made with white Cuben Fiber. This was according to my images. After I had tested and packed the huckePÄCKchen at the TULFT IV I have ordered one with some extra gear loops all over the pack. After a short time of waiting my huckePÄCKchen arrived in a small tyvek cover.


So enough talked. Let’s have a closer look at my new huckePÄCKchen and the fabrics which LAUFBURSCHE used. The complete pack is made with the best fabrics. Everything was tested by Mateusz and was found property. For the main body and the lid of the huckePÄCKchen he used Cuben Fiber. The back panel and the bottom are made with coated 70den Ripstop Nylon PU to ensure a good abrasion resistance and to hold the weight low at the same time. Instead of lightweight Mesh for the outside pockets of the huckePÄCKchen he used 30den Silnylon. This is lighter than the mesh and ensures a better protection for the Cuben Fiber. Finally the shoulder straps are made with 6mm 3D Mesh and the hip belt is made with webbing.

Construction & Design:

The huckePÄCKchen is a frameless ultralight backpack. It was designed for use on short trips where you do not need much space in your pack. The pack is only in one material variation available and has a standard configuration, but if you wish some specials or other fabrics you can contact LAUFBURSCHE and he shall fulfill your desire. Furthermore there is only one torso length and volume available (one size fits all) and the torso length is similar to the M-length of the huckePACK. The huckePÄCKchen has also the LAUFBURSCHE typical lid which fits perfect. This lid protects the inner from dirt and is really waterproof. It is 1000 times better than every roll-closure on other packs at the market. If want to know in detail how this lid works, please have a look at Mark’s blog. He describes it very well and his First Look of the huckePACK is worth reading.

The shoulder straps are also well made. They are S shaped and have a small webbing at the end to adapt the pack to your back. Furthermore the pack has no load lifters. The reason for this is that you do not need these load lifters when you carry such a small pack. On every shoulder strap there are three loops to adjust the sternum strap. In contrast to the huckePACK the sternum strap of the huckePÄCKchen is very minimalistic designed, but it works very well.

Another minimalistic designed feature of the pack is the hip belt. It is only made with webbing and some clips. Instead of securing the hip belt on the backside of the back when you do not use it as on the huckePACK, the hipbelt of the huckePÄCKchen is removable. Most of the time I use the hip belt, because I carry one of the fantastic hip belt pockets with me.

Coming now to some other interesting points. There are gear loops all over the pack. With some tie cord you can attach you gear on the outside of the pack if you want to carry some more than normal. For example you could fix your four pieces of your TAR Z-Lite at the back of the huckePÄCKchen.

If you carry very less gear in your pack you have the possibility the compress the huckePÄCKchen with the two side compressions.

Finally the most important details I think. Volume and weight of the pack. The huckePÄCKchen has a minimum volume of 26 liter (pack is loaded to the level of the shoulder straps) and a maximum volume of 32 liter (full utilization of the extension collar). Each of the diagonal cut side pockets has a volume of 1,5 liter and the big rear pocket has a volume of 4 liter, where you can store your tarp or your rain jacket. The pack comes along with a weight of 210g on my scale.

Last but not least some short words about the processing, but I think Lighthiker found the right words for the LAUFBURSCHE packs: Sewing As An Art.
I cannot find any fault at the huckePÄCKchen. You can turn your pack on the inside and turn it back. There is nothing. All seams are straight. That is really the work of a perfectionist and such a good quality „Made in Germany“ is hard to find.

Pack in use:

Coming now to another interesting point. My impressions of the pack in the last few weeks. I wanted to start a 4 day trip in the Harz, but an accident forced me to cancel the trip after 30h. After that I had the chance to test the pack on several day trips. The shape of this small pack is superb. First of all I want to say that there is a lot a space in the pack. It is unbelievable. Everything fits into the pack: NeoAir, Bivy, HMG Echo Tarp & Beak, Z-lite,  Trail Designs Ti-Tri and titanium pot, Golite Ultra 20, Down Jacket, GF1, food for 4 days and some small things. Everything fit perfectly in the huckePÄCKchen and there was still a little bit of unused space. The comfort of this awesome pack is excellent and the S shaped shoulder straps fit perfect. Last they were reworked over again for a better comfort. For my trip I used a garbage bag as liner to protect my gear, because it was raining and snowing in the Harz. Afterwards I could also have saved the bag because the LAUFBURSCHE lid protected my gear against snow and rain.

The sidepockets are very roomy and there is enough space for a 1l platypus and some bars in each one. In the big rear pocket I usually carry my rain jacket and my tarp. So it is always ready to hand and you can set it up quickly.
These are some words and impressions of my huckePÄCKchen. I will write another review after a longer test on trail. So stay tuned.

Unfortunately, there is currently no LAUFBURSCHE store online. Only his blog, but this is also worth reading. But if you are interested in such a fantastic huckePÄCKchen, huckePACK or huckePACK light please contact LAUFBURSCHE or ask me. He will help you with all your questions. If you need a Cuben tarp please contact him as well. The LAUFBURSCHE monoLOGE is a fantastic solo tarp and the LAUFBURSCHE tanzPALAST is a bombproof duo tarp.

22 responses to Gear Review: LAUFBURSCHE huckePÄCKchen

  • Joe sagt:

    Awesome looking wee pack. I bet he’s going to sell a shed load of ‚em! I’m looking for a small summer pack for overnight trips next year. This could be it.

  • Thanks for posting this review! Looks like a great pack

  • Mark Roberts sagt:

    Great review! I’m amazed you could pack everything for, essentially, a short winter trip into it. I’d love to see a video of that, like the one Hendrik did once. Did you take the whole Z-Lite or just the four section piece?

    The minimalist sternum strap is neat!

  • thrush sagt:

    „volume of 26 liter and a maximum weight of 32 liter“
    – you mean „volume“

    „has a volume of 1,5 liter and the big rear pocket has a volume of 4 liter“

    26 + 1,5 + 1,5 + 4 = 33 😉

    I’m missing two important facts… price and weight.

  • thrush sagt:

    Sorry found the weight – 210g – thats great! Sweet looking pack…

  • Tara sagt:

    Lovely pack! Totally fall in love with LB packs! Every details are useful n functionals!

  • hrxxlight sagt:


    Yeah the pack is awesome and perfect for summer trips. Take your chance and contact Mateusz.

    @Thomas W. Gauperaa

    really fantastic, but I also like my huckePACK in black silnylon and the new DXG are fantastic too. thinking about to order such an DXG in a small volume.

    @Mark Roberts

    thanks a lot. Hendriks video is great. Let me see what I can do. I have to pass an exam at the weekend and then I could make a short video.


    thanks for the note. You are right. volume was the word I wanted to write. I updated the article.


    yeah these packs are really perfect and the quality is so fantastic. congratulation to your huckePACK. Hope you enjoy it.

  • Vincent sagt:

    Great review,
    I cannot wait to get my LAUFBURSCHE huckePÄCKchen!!!

  • Noah sagt:

    diggin‘ it.

  • Basti sagt:

    Hey Beni,

    Great review of a great pack!
    Can’t wait to get my special edition! 😉

  • Maz sagt:

    One thing I have always wondered about this rather special pack is – how well does the Z-Lite remain fixed in place? As a backsystem – it will be annoying if it moves around a lot. I imagine, with secure shoulder straps, it might not be an issue, but what have you found? Less to do with the huckePÄCKchen and more it’s middle brother…

    • thrush sagt:

      I also wonder about this. But using only elastic cord will be the most durable approach, compared to pockets made of silnylon ect. – because those pockets would wear out over time. But I doubt that the cords won’t fix the pad securely, because I think the packs are well designed and tested.

  • Michael sagt:

    Great review Benjamin! Definitely going to get me one of these!

    Greetings from Finland

  • thrush sagt:

    Still wondering what you paid for this neat pack! You’re not allowed to tell?

  • Ben sagt:

    I hear one size fits all, however is that not necessarily true? As the large torso size on the huckePACK does make a difference. For example I’ve got a 53 cm torso, so would I not fit the pack? Or is that irrelevant without the hip belt? Or does it magically fit all, anyway? Thanks in advance for the answers.

    @Thrush, the huckePACKchen is currently 150 Euros, without any customization.


  • hrxxlight sagt:

    I had the same problem. Every day of waiting, felt like an eternity, but the waiting is worthwhile.

    thank you. Your review is also great, and I can’t wait to see your custom made huckePÄCKchen.

    the Z-Lite works pretty well. Most of time time I put the Z-lite into the pack. The mat is securely in place and doesn’t move around even if I wear out of the pack.

    Hurry up christmas is near 🙂 and that’s a perfect present.

    I’ve also the large torso size in my huckePACKs and the huckePÄCKchen fits with the standard length perfect. That’s the magaical work of LAUFBURSCHE I think.

  • joe64r sagt:

    Nice pack.How can I buy one. I can not find any information in the website.
    Thank you!

  • […] colder in combination with my Berghaus Furnace. Furthermore I have worn the smock together with my LAUFBURSCHE huckePÄCKchen and the loft in the shoulder area is still good. There is no visible wear to recognize, although I […]

  • Victor Chan sagt:

    How much is it right now

  • Nice review and those tarp designs look interesting.

  • […] I will not waste words. We need facts. You can win a LAUFBURSCHE Cuben Fiber huckePÄCKchen (details of the pack you can find here). The pack is in excellent […]

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