Trail Food: Natural Flavor For Sweet Couscous

Posted on 27 Oktober 2010

Couscous is not just a basis for dinner. I also prefer sweet couscous for breakfast with several dried fruits and nuts. But it is the same problem as with couscous for dinner. The couscous has no own flavor. You can give the couscous a taste with industrial made flavor, but this is not that what I really want. I’m really looking for a 100% natural flavor made with fruits. Therefore I have tried several recipes today and here is the short guide of a great flavor for sweet couscous. First of all you need some ingredients.

  • 8 oranges from the health food shop (it is also possible to take lemon or lime)
  • 200g sugar
  • 150ml water

Take the oranges and wash them under warm water.

Peel carefully the orange. The white skin is very bitter and not useful for the flavor.

Put the water and the sugar in a small pot and heat it. Once it starts boiling, put the orange peel into the pot. Now this must boil for 5-10min.

Leave the orange peel on a sieve to drain, but catch the broth. After that put the orange peel in the dehydrator or in your oven and dry them.

Put the orange peels in your food chopper and chop them into flour.

Now the orange flour is ready and can be used. Put it into your couscous and enjoy. This recipe also works fantastic with lemon and lime. I will test some other fruits in future and tell you the results. You can store this flour in a ziploc without any problems.

One last tip:
Take the broth and reduce it once the water has evaporated. Then you have caramelized sugar with the taste of orange.

5 responses to Trail Food: Natural Flavor For Sweet Couscous

  • quasinitro sagt:

    Sweet!Should be works with differend Fruits…

  • hrxxlight sagt:


    that’s right, but the flavor of oranges and lemon is very strong because of the essential oils in the peel.

    I will test it with other fruits like cocos in the next time.

  • RogerB sagt:

    Another menu to add to the recipe book, I usually eat porridge in the morning, but sweet cous cous would make a welcome change, and dried orange peel of course will have many other uses.

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