OutDoor Show 2010: All Other Stuff

Posted on 10 August 2010

Sorry but it took a really long time again for this article. I’m still very busy at the moment.
So let’s start with the last review of the OutDoor Show. It is about all other stuff and everything I forgot in the reviews before.

First of all I want to start with Therm-A-Rest from Cascade Designs. They released a new design of their NeoAir, the NeoAir Trekker. The new mat is softer and more robust than the old one and has also the same unique Triangular Core Matrix internal truss design as the original. Consequently the weight of the Trekker is a little bit heavier (540g /1 lb 3 oz in size Regular) and the R-Value has decreased from 2,5 to 2. This mat is available in spring 2010 in several sizes.

Another innovation was released by MSR. They presented new modular extension elements for the snow shoes from the Lightning series. These tails are for a better sustainability in deep snow and can be clicked if you need it. They have a length 12,7cm / 5 in and a weight of 257g / 12 oz. MSR also upgraded the binding of the snow shoe range. Now it is easier to step in and you can better adjust your foot position for a more enjoyable snowshoeing.

Black Diamond introduced their new Z-Poles series which is available in spring 2011. The lightest pole of this range is the Ultra Distance. This is a very light carbon fiber Z-pole with a minimal pack size. The sections of this pole are connected with a cable inside a sheath. The poles collapse by pressing a button under the grip and they extend by simply pulling outward on the first section to snap the sections into place. Moreover the Ultra Distance is available in four lengths with. They weigh 249-278g/pair (8,8-9,8 oz/pair).

Black Diamond also introduced new crampons that push the envelope in performance, weight reduction and style. The BD Neve are lightweight aluminum crampons with Flex Center Bars. The strap version of these crampons is useable with trailrunning shoes and they have a weight of 576g (1 lb  4 oz).

Exped has two new interesting products in the range. The lightened up their SynMat 7 and won an OutDoor Industry Award. Now they have a SynMat 7 UL which is available in size S and M. These mats weigh 440g/470g (15,5 oz/ 16,6 oz) and have R-Value of 3,5. The mat has a flat valve and is 7 cm thick. Exped used the lightest fabrics for the SynMat 7 UL and for filling Texpedloft  with 60g/m² was used. The pack size is not much bigger than a 0,5l bottle.

The other new novelties are two lightweight sleeping bags.  The Ultralite 300 and Ultralite 500 are two new down bags with a fillweight of 270g / 450g down in size M.  Exped used a goose down with a fillpower of 850 cuin and for the cover an Texped PA35 Ripstop Nylon. Furthermore the sleeping bags have a 140cm long zipper. The bags are available in four sizes S/M/L/XL. At least the total weight of the Ultralite 300 is 570g (20,1 oz) and the Ultralite 50 weighs 750g (26,45 oz).

Another new sleeping bag was released by Marmot. The have the Plasma 15 and the Plasma 30. Both are very light sleeping bags filled with goose down with a fillpower of 900 cuin. The new bags have an intelligent design and lots of interesting features. The Plasma 30 weighs 625g ( 1 lb6 oz) and the Plasma 15 weighs 850g (1 lb 14 oz). They are available with full-length zipper

I really found interesting outdoor dishes from the Finnish producer Kupilka. I have never heard somethingof this company before. Kupilka products are made from a natural fiber composites material. It consists of 50% wood fiber and 50% polypropene. Both components are pressed under heat in form. After the end of its life-span, the product can be safely disposed by burning, or recycled into new products.

Sea To Summit comes along with a new lightweight cutlery. The AlphaLight consists of a knife, a fork and a spoon. Everything is made with Ultra-Light Hard Anodized 7075-T6 Aircraft Alloy. It weighs 22g (0,75 oz) and is the lightest cutlery on the market.

The French company Baladeo introduced to new knifes and won an OutDoor Industry Award. 22g and 34g are the names and the weight of the new knifes. They have a length of 9cm/11cm (3,5 inch/4,3 inch). The design of these knifes has been optimized to save every superfluous gram. Both knifes have an integrated belt clip and made with stainless steel. The angle of the blade presents no risk in the closed position: the only sharp edge remains snug against the plate of the knife.

At least I want to present some gear from Aclima. I forget to put these in the Clothing article. Aclima has very interesting merino baselayer. This year they released a very light merino baselayer made with WoolNet. These baselayers have an excellent moisture transport. The WoolNet dries very fast und keeps you very warm. The baselayers are reinforced in exposed areas. Another highlight of Aclima is the overall. The overall is optimal for winter hiking if it is very cold. He has to long zipper if you want to go to the toilet. One at the front and the other behind.

5 responses to OutDoor Show 2010: All Other Stuff

  • Eugene sagt:

    Can you say anything about the pump for the Synmat UL? I like it a lot if it has a built-in pump like some other Exped air mats.

  • Fu sagt:

    One thing that makes selecting gear harder that it should be is that a significant number of manufacturers lie about the specifications of their products. In particular, I’m thinking about weight specs. It’s not infrequent for weights to be 15% – 25% off… almost always on the heavy side. We should make a hall of shame for such manufacturers.

  • hrxxlight sagt:


    the mat has not an integrated pump.
    you can use a mini pump or a pillow pump

  • Juuso sagt:

    Do you happen to know the lenghts of the new pads from Exped? Is the S-size a 2/3 length pad?

  • hrxxlight sagt:


    Size S 163 x 52
    Size M 183 x 52

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