OutDoor Show 2010: Tents

Posted on 30 Juli 2010

The third part of my OutDoor Show review is about tents. There were lots of tents at the show this year and I wanna show you some of the most interesting tents.

Let’s start with a winner. Terra Nova won a gold award in the tent category for their new tent the Laser Ultra 1. It is the lightest double wall tent on the market und the first made with Cuben Fiber. Terra Nova tries every year to lighten up their tents. They have managed this again. Furthermore they are the first company which wants to establish Cuben Fiber on the market. Don’t worry the Laser Ultra 1 is not a complete new tent. It is based on the basis of the Laser Photon 1 which was the lightest tent till now. The Laser Ultra 1 has the same body proportions as the Laser Photon 1. Terra Nova only changed the heavy silnylon flysheet and floor against the lightweight Cuben Fiber fabric. The result is a double wall tent with a weight of round about 500g (17,64oz). Now the question is how the new tent works under real conditions because Cuben Fiber is a complicated fabric. One of the most susceptible points could be the floor, because Cuben has poor abrasion resistance and therefore this could break after repeated construction. Another cracking point is the flysheet. Most seams of the Terra Nova Laser Ultra 1 are sewn and that is a problem of Cuben Fiber. If the wind load on the flysheet is very strong, it is possible that the seams can split because cuben doesn’t extend.

Easton presented at the OutDoor show 2010 their new ultralight three season tent with the name Kilo. The name is program. The tent weighs less than one kilogram, exactly 910g (32,1 oz). It is a two person tent made with 20D ripstop-nylon and 30D ripstop-nylon for the floor. Easton used the Carbon ION pole system with Airlock. This system is 59% lighter than standard aluminum connectors with shock cord. If it’s hot in summer you can use the tent without flysheet for better ventilation. There’s enough space for two persons in the tent and it is one of the lightest two person double wall tents of the world and it looks more stable than the Vaude Power Lizard UL which got an Award last year.

Sea To Summit released two new tents. The Specialist Solo and Duo are the new tents in the range. Both are single wall tents mad with 20D ripstop-nylon with a breathability of 6000MTVR. They look a lot like the Six Moons Designs Vamp and Heaven. The Specialist Solo weighs 625g (22 oz) and the Duo 845 g (29,8 oz). Both weights include the weight of two poles, but it is also possible to use your trekking poles.

The Vaude Power Lizard UL got a little brother. Tokee is his name and it is the 1-person version of the Power Lizard UL. The new tent has a weight of 800g (28,2 oz) and it is made with the same fabrics as the Power Lizard UL.

In the heavy tent section I found a new tent from Hilleberg. They released their new 4-person tent Saitaris. It is a mixture of geodesic and a tunnel tent. Furthermore it is very suitable for trips in winter. If you interested in some pictures, please have a look at this page here.

MSR presented their new tents Hoop and Holler. The Hoop is a 2-personen double wall tent with small pack size and a weight of 2,05kg (4,52 lb), the holler is a 3-person tent and has also a small pack size and a weight of 2,73kg ( 6,02 lb). Both tents have spacious vestibules and an interior length of 2,30m for tall hiker.

At least I want to show you another tent made with Cuben Fiber. I was surprised to see this tent at the OutDoor Show. The producer of this tent is Big Sky International. They got an Industry Award in Gold for this innovative tent. It is a Cuben prototype of their Mirage 2P, a single wall freestanding tent with lots of space. I wanted to contact Big Sky  International at the OutDoor Show, but they were not present. There are no informations about the shelter available at the moment. Bob Molen from Big Sky International assured me to send the details as quickly as possible.

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  • Captain Obvious sagt:

    Good luck getting in contact with anyone from Big Sky. They make good stuff, but their customer service and delivery timeliness are absolutely horrible. This is why you see so few of them on the trail. If they could turn around the business end of their company, they may very well dominate the market.

  • Fu sagt:

    Nice to see all the innovation happening in tent design.

    Does cuben fiber attract dirt? My Granite Gear pack made out of silnylon is a dirt magnet. I couldn’t believe how dirt was attracted to it last weekend when the wind was kicking up dirt. Big Sky International’s silnylon material has a reputation for being a dirt magnet too.

  • pell grant sagt:

    This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I enjoy seeing websites that understand the value of providing a prime resource for free. I truly loved reading your post. Thanks!

  • f150 owner sagt:

    Thinking. It’s always the same thing. To think is to go insane.

  • World’s Most Advanced Technology Light Weight Freestanding Backpacking tent
    Big Sky Mirage 2P with Breathable Fabric

    Big Sky’s Mirage 2P is the world’s most advanced technology light weight freestanding backpacking tent. It is a hybrid design with double wall sides and waterproof breathable ceiling fabric. The Mirage 2P is a roomy ergonomic design for two people that is designed around the human body with two side doors for easy entry/exit and two vestibules to store each person’s gear. It uses advanced materials, such as Big Sky’s very high strength to weight waterproof super ultra light weight Let-it-Por™ fabric made by Cubic Technology. The ceiling is made with very breathable waterproof super ultra light fabric. The fabric is 6x more waterproof than generic silnylon, and has 2x more tear strength than generic silnylon. Lab tests show the breathable fabric as breathable as the best breathable fabric now available from other fabric manufacturers. The poles are Big Sky’s ultra light weight DuraLite™ composite poles.

    Weight: 891g (1lb 15.4oz) MSRP: US$999.95

    Note: there is a less expensive option where a customer can save a few hundred dollars by choosing the SuprSil™ floor that probably is more practical.

    Pictures and more info:

    Availability – 90 to 120 after order:

    For more information contact: email [email protected]

  • Jens sagt:


    thank you very much for the reports form Friedrichshafen.

    Do you have additional information about the Vaude Power Tokee UL? (dimensions, availability, 800 g including pegs?) (I’m still waiting for an answer from Vaude…)
    Might be an alternative to the Terra Nova Laser tents?

    Best regards,

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