OutDoor Show 2010: Packs

Posted on 21 Juli 2010

The OutDoor Show 2010 finished on Sunday and it is time to write a detailed report about the most interesting news. In my first review I want to start with packs. I was surprised to see that Cuben Fiber is on the advance and the first company is working with this fabric which is not very easy to process. Let’s start and make up your own mind about the news.

Terra Nova is first company who wants to conquer the market with Cuben Fiber. They call this stuff ULTRA fabric and have one pack in their range. The Terra Nova Ultra 20 is the first pack of a bigger company made with cuben and silnylon. It is very similar to the Laser 20 Elite which came last year on the market. The exchanged some parts of the Laser 20 Elite against Cuben Fiber to get a lighter weight. Finally the Ultra 20 has got a weight of 100g (3,5oz). Furthermore they use a drawstring closure and cover to further reduce pack weight and it is also possible to get additional pockets which can be purchased separately.

Klättermusen known as a company for robust and not really light gear, released their new lightweight pack range this year. I was surprised to see these interesting new packs with the color citronelle. They are available in three sizes. The smallest is the ÄGIR with 35l and a weight of 800g (28.2oz), then the RAN with 45l and 900g (31,75oz). At least there is the HUGIN with 60l and a weight of 950g (33,5oz). Every pack has a light aluminum frame construction and ergonomic shoulder straps. The RAN and the AGIR have a roll opening and the ÄGIR a two way zipped opening. All packs are very well thought out and have a lot of interesting details. Another notable point is that these packs are produced with more than 70% recycled material, they have a PFOA free DWR and at least the packs are recyclable in standard recycling systems. This environmentally conscious production is trendsetting and important to keep our nature clean.

Berghaus was always at the OutDoor Show and introduced their new pack from the Mountain House Series the Octans 40. It is a specially designed pack in cooperation with the Adventure Racing World Champions of the Team Orion from New Zealand. It is a 40l pack for mountain racing and other activities. The Octans 40 has lots of mesh pockets to stow small things. Furthermore the pack has no frame, only a reinforced back part. And finally the pack weighs 480g (16,9oz).

Also Black Diamond comes along with new packs and a complete new Active Frame Technology. This new system consists of shoulder straps which move in concert with a hiker’s stride or a climber’s reach by sliding through the bottom of the pack with low-friction cable and housing. The key for this flexible system is a proprietary custom-shaped ball joint that attaches the hipbelt to the frame. This simple durable three-dimension system allows the hipbelt to move unrestricted in any direction. A lightweight 6mm customizable frame construction completes the new Active Frame Technology.

5 responses to OutDoor Show 2010: Packs

  • Joe sagt:

    Thanks for your reporting at The Outdoor Show on Twitter! The Terra Nova Ultra bag is an interesting development. No need for them to try and ’sexy-up‘ the material by calling it ‚Ultra‘ though, just call it ‚cuben fibre‘, we all know what it is!

  • Fu sagt:

    Do you know if any of these other than Black Diamond going to be available in the US?

  • hrxxlight sagt:

    the Ultra is interesting but the processing is not finished in my opinion. There are still some things, that mus be improved. Working with Cuben is not easy and needs a lot of experience.

    sorry but I don’t know it, but I’ll ask

  • In my opinion the terra nova Cuben Products can not convince.

    The Klättermusen color is getting used to, but their design is awesome, nevertheless no budget tip …

    Lightwave packs are still on my wishlist. Thinking about buying one since some months.

  • Michael Smith-Petersen sagt:

    Hi –

    I just like to know, if you can tell me where I can get the Laufbursche pakcs in Germany ?

    Kindly regards

    Michael, Copenhagen

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