Trail Food: Pasta, Couscous etc.

Posted on 07 Juni 2010

In my first article about Trail Food I have introduced you to my dehydrator. In the next articles I want to show you which ingredients you can use and how you can dehydrate them. Today I want to present you one of the main inserts like pasta, couscous etc. I really love noodles and I can them every day. Maybe I would say that I’m a pasta aficionado. It took a very long time until I found the right pasta which I use now. At the beginning of my first steps of making my own Trail Food I have used normal pasta with a boiling time of 8-10 minutes. But I could not use them for freezerbagcooking because I have noticed two problems. Either they are not ready and hard or they are very soft on the outside and have a hard center. After a long time of searching in every supermarket around me I have found the suitable pasta for freezerbagcooking. The Birkel 3 minute pasta is now my first choice. You can get the Birkel in three varieties: Penne, spiral and spaghetti. I only can say that this pasta works very well. My normal freezerbag portions have a weight of 180-200g and I need round about 400-450ml water for dinner. The dinner is ready after 10minutes soaking in my cozy and the pasta is al dente.

Another yummy insert is couscous. I never gave him great significance, but on my last trips I have tried some menus with couscous. This was a really good decision. Couscous is a brilliant insert for meals. It tastes very good and it is also very filling. By the way couscous must not be cooked, because it is sufficient if it swell in hot water. Couscous has the property to include a lot of water. Because of that is very well for freezerbackcooking. In contrast to pasta you need a lower quantity couscous and have the same feeling of saturation. Another great advantage of couscous is the smaller pack size of the meals. For meals with couscous I need portions with a weight of 150g to be satisfied.

Furthermore there’s a lot of other interesting inserts for freezerbagcooking. For the time I am doing some experiments with rice and china noodles. Unless there are significant results, I let you know it.

4 responses to Trail Food: Pasta, Couscous etc.

  • Joe sagt:

    Couscous, king of freezer-bag cooking ingredients! Needs a little olive oil after flavouring and cooking to give it a really nice richness that is fully deserved after a hard days hiking! I’ve found that ’normal‘ 8-10 minute pasta can be used but it needs to be small pieces, like the macaroni-style pasta.

    Good article Beni!

  • RogerB sagt:

    Agree completely about couscous have used mixed with lemon flavour tuna (salmon) really very filling and tastes great fully recommended.
    Three minute pasta (or rice) are the way to go with your own dehydrated veggies and meats etc.

  • Doug sagt:

    Did you try regular pasta right off the shelf, or did you cook it + dehydrate it? I’ve tried the latter, and it’s worked fairly well, though I’d be interested in trying yours.

    Did you also mean that Birkel can be simply added to the freezer bag without prior cooking + dehydrating?

    Thanks for the information.

    • hrxxlight sagt:

      I tried both.
      First I put the Pasta without cooking in the freezerbag and I also cooked some Pasta and dehydrated it. I was Not satisfied with both options.
      You can put the Birkel pasta without cooking and dehydrating in your freezerbag and it is al dente After 10 minutes of soaking

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