A View in the Workshop of LAUFBURSCHE

Posted on 29 Juni 2010

When I think of a manufactory I combine this with a small workshop in the backyard with a freaky owner. In this way I found the workshop of LAUFBURSCHE. Only a tiny bell plate shows you that there is the workshop of the upcoming UL manufacture LAUFBURSCHE behind the doors. After a short ring Mateusz opens the door and welcomes me. I stand in the middle of the showroom. Everywhere is the neatly ordered LAUFBURSCHE gear. The great huckePACKs, the objects of desire, stand on a shelf in the showroom. My eyes espy a new version of the huckePACK made with Dyneema X Gridstop. The pack looks awesome. Everything is planned to detail and has been tested on tour. LAUFBURSCHE is a perfectionist and his packs are more than perfect. That is quality ‚Made in Germany‘. Finest Silnylon and X-Pac is used for the manufacture of packs so they have a long life on the trail.

A cuben prototype and 4 huckePACKs in the showroom

The new huckePACK with Dyneema X Gridstop                                                           New mesh pocket for the huckePACK

After a short conversation we leave the showroom und go to the room where he sews the huckePACKs and manufactures the shelter. On one wall there are all his fabrics which he uses for his products (Cuben, Dyneema X Grid, Silnylon, X-Pac and other fabrics). On the other side he has boxes with accessories, buckles, prototypes and other gear. Mateusz shows me some new accessories for his LAUFBURSCHE tanzPALAST and the single tarp. Very great things, which he had received. But it still needs some testing, whether the accessories going into production, to ensure that they work well. For this reason I won’t say anything about the accessories. Only so much that they are fantastic, if they go into series.

All fabrics neatly ordered

The new fabric for the LAUFBURSCHE huckePACKs
Dyneema X Gridstop

Boxes with buckles, prototypes and accessories

To the LAUFBURSCHE tanzPALAST and the huckePACK can be said that these are still officially pre-production prototypes with a splendid quality and they are very similar to the upcoming series product. And he will also work with the same level of accuracy when he produces the shelter and packs for the series. There will be no quality loss.
In addition to the huckePack and the tanzPALAST Mateusz told me that he will release a Cuben Solo Tarp which can be used with a bivy. The Solo Tarp will also have a catenary curve like the tanzPALAST and is made of cuben with a weight of 21g/m² and it is bigger than the prototyp. The Solo Tarp will weight 150g without lines and stakes.  The tanzPALAST and the Solo Tarp will be available in green cuben.

Building opportunity of the LAUFBURSCHE tanzPALAST

LAUFBURSCHE tanzPALAST in perfection

Prototype of the LAUFBURSCHE Solo Tarp

Certainly, some will wonder why so many people have already packs and shelters, but the manufacture is not on the market yet and there is no website to order the packs. There are several reasons for this. LAUFBURSCHE is a perfectionist and would like to release only tested and finished gear on the market and it takes a little bit of time when you want to test everything. Another problem is the framework. It is very difficult to put the German frameworks and laws together with your ideas of the manufacture frameworks. That’s really hard work, but it will perform and I am sure that the company will work during the summer and the website will be only.

Prototype of the first LAUFBURSCHE Pack

12 responses to A View in the Workshop of LAUFBURSCHE

  • Mark Roberts sagt:

    Oh… you’re really teasing us now, aren’t you?

    I really can’t wait for the huckePACK to become available. Do you know why Mateusz switched to Dyneema?

    And any news on when it will be possible to order?

  • Richard sagt:

    Looks very good indeed, I look forward to the products becoming available soon.


  • Joe sagt:

    Man, Laufbursche are going to sell out of everything in stock within hours of launching! The most anticipated company launch in the history of UL? Probably.

  • Tara sagt:

    Wowowo!! Just can’t wait ……and wait for a long time.

  • T. J. Hart sagt:

    I agree with everyone so far. Most interested in getting a LAUFBURSCHE Pack. It has been a torturous wait though. June opening rumors, July opening rumors. Next I will hear 2012, not 2011! Noooooo!

  • Basti sagt:

    I’m sure it won’t be 2012. As far as I know there are just some little things to be done until he’ll officially open his manufactory.

    Laufbursche hasn’t switched to Dynema. It’s just another option you can get his packs in. He’ll still be using SilNylon and as far as I know X-Pac (as my little baby was made of)

  • ben egan sagt:


    I can’t wait for this site to go live.

  • hrxxlight sagt:

    Yes it is very hard for you.
    Nobody can’t wait until LAUFBURSCHE will publish his site.
    I’m still in contact with him and I’ll meet him at the Outdoor Show and I hope to get some news.

  • Tara sagt:

    Thank HRXXLIGHT.
    Wait your good newssssss! :] Keep updating everyday~.~

  • The shop looks beautiful! And the products do too of course. I love the design and appreciation for elegance; can’t wait to browse the store…maybe a new pack is in order…

  • HikeVentures sagt:

    just ordered my huckepack there. Production will take 2-3 weeks. Can’t wait to get it!

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