Trail Food: Dehydrator

Posted on 16 April 2010

The many great answers to the 2nd question of the raffle (Do you prefer freezer bag cooking or do you cook yourself with lots of ingredients and why do you prefer it?) have encouraged me to write some articles about Trail Food and how to make your own Trail Food. I really like freezerbagcooking because it keeps your pot clean and saves a lot of work and time when you are at the camp. When is speak about freezerbagcooking I mean that I really create my own food if I plan to go on a trip. Sometimes I also test commercial food like Real Turmat, Farmers Outdoor or Trek’N Eat, but most of the time I create the food with specially dried ingredients. The main factors for this are that you have more control over the additives, if you are an allergic and you can determine the quantity of dinner and adapt to your own individual habits. MYOG food taste besser and is quite cheaper. I produce meals with a weight of 180-200g for long and hard days when I only want to eat the dinner and some meals with a weight of 150g, if I want to eat a dessert after dinner.

It’s a long way until you eat your first dehydrated dinner, but the work is rewarding. The first step to your own dehydrated food is the dehydrator. With this device all ingredients can be dried very carefully. I’m using a very cheap and simple dehydrator, but it works well.  A Bomann DR 435 CB. This dehydrator has got five grid floors with a diameter of 28,5cm. It is a 250-watt dehydrator for dehydrating food, herbs and sauces.
A small disadvantage of the dehydrator is that he has no timer and a thermostat for the heat regulation. These things are not really essential, but nice when you’ve got them. I always use a separate timer when I dehydrate to have a better control. Maybe another option for the beginning is to use the oven, if you don’t have a dehydrator. This is also a good solution, but it is more expensive because the oven consumes  more electricity than a dehydrator.

So I hope I was able to arouse your interested on dehydrated food a little bit. In the next time I’ll release some articles, with recipes and how to dehydrate vegetables, fruits, sauce, meat and other interesting things about Make Your Own Trail Food.If there’s a special interest on dehydrating food or something else, let me know it and I’ll try my best. Stay in touch and visit my blog.

3 responses to Trail Food: Dehydrator

  • Ingmar sagt:

    This is also a good solution, but it is more expensive because the oven consumes electricity than a dehydrator.

    Hier fehlt das „more“, oder 😉

    I’ll stay tuned auf jeden Fall because i like Trockenfood 🙂

  • hrxxlight sagt:

    danke für den hinweis.
    naja mal sehen werde mal etwas zum TUL treffen mit nach köln nehmen. ich hoffe du kommst auch

  • Ingmar sagt:

    Nee ich kann leider nicht, habe 3 Baustellen (Haus, Garten, Erbschaft), momentan sind nur Halbtagesausflüge drin… 🙁

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