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Posted on 29 März 2010

If you go hiking it is necessary to take a cup and a stove with you for cooking meals and tea. One of the best cups is the Snow Peak Titanium Single Cup 450. This cup offers you enough space for a warm tea or a soup in a short break on the trail. You can also use the cup as a lightweight pot on short trips at the weekend. Next to the cup the stove is another very important part on tour, because without a stove you cannot boil or something else. One of the lightest stoves is the Esbit Titanium Folding Wing Stove with a weight of 11g.

The German Outdoorshop Bergzeit was so friendly and offers me the Snow Peak Titanium Single Cup 450 and the Esbit Titanium Folding Wing Stove for a raffle on my new blog. As a bonus I’ll put a Trek‘ N Eat meal into the package. With this set you can start a lightweight hiking trip and cook delicious meals.

What you need to do??? Leave a comment and tell me

– Your favourite cooking set on the trail?
– Do you prefer freezer bag cooking or do you cook yourself with lots of ingredients and why do you prefer it?

The raffle will finish on Sunday the 11th at 12 o’clock. With the help of random.org I’ll pick up the winner and contact him for the address. I ship worldwide. Everyone of the world can try his luck.

28 responses to Raffle Raffle Raffle

  • Frank sagt:

    No comments yet? I have two favorite cooking sets: MSR whisperlite when weight does not matter or Primus MicronStove Ti when it does. The pot I carry with both of them depends on the group size. On day hikes I carry a can stove for some coffee/mokka (http://outdoor.amazing-development.com/2008/09/22/der-perfekte-outdoor-kaffee/).

    I’m too lazy for fancy outdoor cooking. Instant meals from the super market are good enough 😉

  • Joe sagt:

    Hmmmm. If I was only allowed one pot for the rest of my life it would be an MSR Titan Kettle. Good size for one person, will serve two at a pinch. I love the firm fitting lid and pouring spout. It’s also a good shape for most stoves. The only way it can be improved is the addition of some stamped volume markings.

    One stove (to rule them all!?)? Super Cat. Recycled/recyclable, super-ultra-light, built-in pot stand, field repairable, MYOG, will work with Esbit and if it’s good enough for Skurka….

    Freezer bag every time. Keeps the pot clean. I used to use only commercial Real Turmat meals but recently I’ve switched to knocking up my own from couscous and vermicelli noodles. Much more control over additives and very rewarding.

  • Carsten sagt:


    Pot: Snow Peak Single Wall Cup 600ml
    Stove: Kovea Supalite (but just ordered the GNAT)

    I always cook one-pot-meals or cook in freezer bags.
    At the end of a long day I just don´t want to spend
    much time on cooking. Spices and olive oil are key
    to enhance the taste of otherwise bland meals 🙂

    Being a coffee addict I need a big cup like the 600ml
    SnowPeak to get me going in the morning.

    A gas canister stove is light and fast. I was using
    alcohol stoves in the past but was just getting to lazy
    using them.

    On short trips (weekenders) I sometimes still use alcohol
    to save the weight that comes along with the gas canister.



  • I use a BPL Firelite 550 pot with a caldera cone when solo or a SnowPeak 700 and Gigapower Ti when with the girlfriend. We freezerbag it on long or high mileage trips. If we do an easy over night trip we’ll carry a fry pan and real food (pancakes, burgers, etc, etc). Freezer bag cooking is fast, easy, and no mess. That’s what we want when we’re worn out from a lot of mileage. When it’s an easy trip and carry weight becomes less of a burden we like to go a little more gourmet. It does a great job of showing people how you can get away with great meals while still packing ultralight.

  • My favourite cooking set is the Snow Peak Trek-700 with aluminium lid + Caldera Cone.
    I always use organic food and all in one pot .
    Hunger is the best sauce. 🙂


  • Phil sagt:

    I’m a firm convert to the Caldera Cone system, be it my favoured GVP Fosters can set up or with an MSR Titan pot. I’ll use Esbit in the summer and meths in the winter generally. I have been known to dabble with a Snow Peak Trek 900 pot when using my Bushbuddy Ultra though….

    I only cook dehydrated meals, generally commercial offerings as I’m lazy and a bad cook, though I sometimes combine dehydrated ingredients in a freezerbag to make them more exciting. I hate washing up (both on the trail and at home) so it’s freezerbags or the pre-packaged meal pouches for me!

  • j.c.locomote sagt:

    My favorite winter stove is the Optimus Nova (without +). It has never failed on me and i really like how controllable the flame is compared to other white gas stoves.
    From spring to autumn however, i prefer alcohol stoves as they are much lighter, easier to handel and quiet. You can easily build one yourself so they are cheap, too. Potwise, i go with a Tibetan Titanium, but maybe change that into a smaller Pot someday, but right now, i like to cook fresh, so it’s good to have a little more capacity. If i have the time and right surroundings, cooking fresh is a must, but its always nice to have some high-cal stuff you just have to pour water on, in case you need some calories fast. It’s also nice to spice up your food with some fresh herbs if you find them along your hike.


  • Claire sagt:

    I use the Trangia UL Set, although I would really like to use something lighter like the Snow Peak Series. I like to cook fresh food especially when it’s an easy hike, but once in a while I go with freezer bags.

    Cheers, Claire

  • T. J. Hart sagt:

    Cat stove and a sig cooking pot where the top can double as a fry pan. For weekend trips I cook with lots of ingredients. Spanish rice, chop suey, mustard chicken to name a few.

  • Hendrik sagt:

    I like all three of my woodburning stoves, maybe with a favour towards the BushBuddy Ultra + TT 1100 pot because it is the most compact and light system.

    Usually I use ready-made food, from the supermarket or outdoor shop. I have been cooking real food (curry rice + pineapple + tuna) but I usually need to carry more stuff with me in and garbage out. Probably going for self-made dehydrated foods in the future, because of the possibility to use organic ingredients and no additives.

  • hikingharry sagt:

    I use an 1 liter aluminum pot, which weighs 72g, from the eighties. My favorite stove is a MYOG YACC-stove. A windshield of folded aluminum foil and a lid, cut out from an aluminum-cake-tray makes the set complete.

    Usually I cook some water, put some Asia Noodles, vegetables and olive oil in a Rubbermaid bowl pour water over it and let it soak. Or the same with mashed potatoes.

  • barleybreeder sagt:


    Wenn ich allein auf Tour bin koche ich (noch) mit Gas. Als Kocher mit einem Markill Peak Ignition (97g). Als Topf kommt ein Snowpeak 0,9 Liter Pot (157g) aus meinem Trek Kombo Titanium Set zum Einsatz.
    Wenn wir zu zweit unterwegs sind wirds kaum schwerer. Dann ist das Set komplett und wiegt 350 Gramm.

    Es grüßt
    der Basti

  • Mr.Sunrise sagt:

    My favorite is the big Trangia!
    In summer with the original alcohol stove and in the colder season in combination with an Multifuel.
    I often use a lot of ingredients for my meal and only in the winter i use freezer bag.
    For day trips I use the Primus Micron. Then I only need some tee or maybe an hot soup this is perfect.

    Kind regards,

  • RogerB sagt:

    It will be no surprise to most that the Caldera ULC is my referred stove with the MLD 850 pot. Definitely freezer bag, Real Turmat the best I found in years, for breakfast its Bill McCartneys, porridge from his Travel Light, Eat Heavy book, also done in a freezer bag. My preferred fuel is Esbit.

  • I use a Primus Micron canister stove with a Primus windshield and tend to use commercial dried meals for a quick and easy hot meal at the end of a long day.

  • ys76 sagt:

    Hi there!

    My favourite cooking set consists of a Vargo Triad and a Trangia hardanodized pot yet, but I am still testing MYOG stoves to find a better solution.

    Imagine a long day of hiking… Be sure, I am not going to cook on my own. Freezer bag cooking is right thingi for me, no matter whether it consists of stuff found in the supermarket or those expensive travel lunches….



    Hi Folks!

    Well, on solotrips I prefer this cocking set on trail:

    48g – SnowPeak 450 Mug (cutdown, without clutch)
    06g – MYOG Pepsistove
    31g – MYOG Cone
    05g – MYOG Lid
    12g – STS Alpha Light Spoon long (also the mug clutch)
    05g – Fruchtsorbetpack 120ml = (enough for four days)
    10g – Mini Piezo Lighter
    03g – MYOG Cuben Fiber stuff sack
    120g (I know, this setup could be much lighter but I’m still working on it.)

    Link to a pic of my solo setup:

    And I use always freezer bag food because it is one of the lightest ways to refresh my energy.


  • hm, mein Favorit:

    Primus Micron + Snow Peak 600 ml Tasse

    darf es mehr Luxus sein 900 ml aus dem Trek Combo wie Barleybreeder.

    Mein Favorit gerät aber ins Wanken:

    Dosenkocher aus Deodose,
    Aluschale aus der Metro als Windschutz in Form eines Cone
    Kleiderbügel als Topfhalter
    Illy-Dose, sprich alles Abfall, der zweckentfremdet wurde.


    Auf Solotouren immer Tütenfutter 🙂

  • Paw sagt:

    Well, I’m currently still using a Trangia set but hope to replace it with something lighter.
    But dehydrated food is a must.

  • Beavis sagt:

    I use a Trangia HA 1.75 liter pot on a supercat or a hobo stove.For longer tours i cook instant meals and soya flakes from the supermarket
    but when i can get some fresh vegetables I like cooking meals on my own

  • Thunderbird sagt:

    Mein Favourit ist der Caldera Keg F von Trail Designs.

    Dieser wiegt mit allem Zubehör nur 186g (Cone, Spiritusflasche, Messbecher, Cozy, Kocher, Dose/Topf, Deckel, Behälter = 2 Becher)

    Für mich das optimale Setup 😉

    Hier ein alter Bericht mit Bildern:

    MfG Dennis

  • thrush sagt:

    Hi there,

    nice raffle! I use the AntiGravityGear 3 Cup with Caldera Cone. For meals I use freezer dried food like Real Turmat or sometimes Travellunch, because its so easy to just buy it.

  • schild sagt:

    Für 2 Personen:

    – Trangia HA UL 1,75L Topf 116g
    – MYOG cat can stove 7g
    – MYOG Becher: abgeschnittene 0,5L PET Flaschen à 14g
    – Spork oder Löffel à 10g

    Tütenfutter! Allerdings passt eine Zwiebel zu fast jedem Gericht und überlebt auch im Rucksack.



  • Jaro sagt:


    I use an Alpkit MytiPot (Titanium with 1,3L) and either an MYOG Cone with an pepsi stove or an MYOG Woodstove depending where I am and the length of the trip. The reason for a pot this big: I prefer „real“ cooking most of the time. When being outside I usually have a lot of time, so why not spend some of it for cooking? 😉

    But the Snow Peak Cup would be the perfect addition to my set up for short solo trips when freezer cooking is the way to go. =)



  • george sagt:

    My favourite cooking set up is my Primus micron and Vargo 750 ti-lite pot.

    I normally have home-made dehydrated meals for trips longer than a few days; otherwise it instant food from supermarkets.

  • Ron sagt:

    I use an Snowpeak 600 pot and Snowpeak Gas stove Titan.
    Always dehydrated meals.


  • Mary Durso sagt:

    I like snow peak products. Single Cup 450 is very useful……

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