Posted on 22 März 2010

Welcome to my new blog. For a long time, I was wondering if I start this new blog, because I want something new, but I didn’t exactly know what I want. After several attempts in the last days and weeks is this now the result hrXXLight – Lightweight Outdoor Blog.

First of all I wanna thank Hendrik from Hiking in Finland for the great idea with the name hrXXLight. I also wanna thank Phil Turner and Thunderbird for the technical support at my new blog. A special thanks goes out to my loyal readers of hrXXL.wordpress.com. My old blog is still remain online that everyone can read the old articles, but I hope that you’ll also be a loyal reader of my new blog.

What can you expect???
More about ultralight backpacking than on my old blog. I’ll write about my ultralight backpacking trips, UL gear reviews, MYOG projects, trail food and other interesting stuff. There’s a lot of gear which has accumulated in recent weeks and a few interesting gear reviews will follow.
If you’ve got some improvements or ideas let me know it. I’ll try my best to achieve this.
Well I hope you enjoy reading this blog. I’ll mainly publish articles in German, but I also try to release some articles in English, but be patient with me. My English is not really the best.

Comin soon!!!
For the beginning of my new blog I’ll start a raffle in the following days with an very interesting price. So stay stuned and have a daily look on my blog.

Best Regards

9 responses to Hallo/Welcome/Bonjour/Hei/Ciao/こんにちは/Hej

  • Hendrik sagt:

    I like the look and layout, and am looking forward to your new UL blog! Hopefully we get to backpack together in a few weeks =)

    Good success and luck with the new venture!

  • Thunderbird sagt:

    Ich wünsche dir viel Erfolg mit deinem neuen Blog 🙂

  • Basti sagt:

    Schön geworden. Freu mich schon auf Deine ersten Artikel. Evtl. von einem bestimmten Treffen in Köln?
    Für die Zukunft noch alles Gute.

  • Roger sagt:

    Hello! Will be nice with a new UL blog. Good luck! Roger

  • quasi sagt:

    Feine Sache Beni.Sicher viel Arbeit.Vergiss aber das Lernen für den Techniker dabei nicht :- )

    Viel Erfolg in jeder Hinsicht!

  • RogerB sagt:

    Love the simplicity of the layout, the header photo and the title hrxxlight.

    RogerB in kbh


    Hi Ben!

    Congratulation to your new blog!

    I ‚m looking forward for your first review here!


  • Richard sagt:

    Look forward to reading about your adventures and MYOG projects.


  • hrxxlight sagt:

    woah so many comments. thx a lot.

    dem treffen in Köln werde ich da sein

    sicher vergesse ich das nicht

    Thx, the title hrXXLight was Hendrik’s idea
    the header photo was made in the Alps last year

    there will follow a review of a nice pack after my tour

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